There are books of immense importance either historically or from the literal sense of view; however they have become inaccessible in the present times as they are not printed any longer. We will make efforts to reprint such books of value that have been lost amidst the old bookshelves, over the ages. It has also been seen that the vibrant Assamese literature or books written in Assamese have a limited readership, owing to which the people not well versed in the local language; mainly youngsters, miss out on soaking the essence of Assam. Hence, those books of relevance that gained wide popularity amongst the people of the state would be translated to English, so that it disperses to a global readership across time and space. Furthermore, the Northeast is a land of mystifying secrets…secrets that are lesser known and clandestine in nature. The knowledge about a lot many areas have only been passed down as legacies but not written down in black and white. Efforts would be made to capture the mystical beauty of the land in writing and photographs. To quote Harper Lee “The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think”…Bhabani Books will bring to you a lot of such options by which you can think, reflect and make your reading experience an enriching one.