Winners All



About the Book: 


Winners All contains translated pieces (from Assamese) of the Munin Barkotoki Awardees for the first ten years (1995-2004). Awardees include well-known short-story writers like Sibananda Kakoti and Mousumi Kandali, powerful poets like Anubhav Tulasi and Kushal Datta, and reputed essayist Munin Bayan. Included are nine short-stories, selections of poems of seven poets, besides (excerpts from) an essay and a play. Together they represent a sample of the best writing in contemporary Assam. These translations into English will enable the talented writers to get recognition beyond the regional frontiers.


About the Editor:


Editor, Pradip Acharya, translates lyrics directly into English and has published a few volumes of translations. He retired as Professor of English from Cotton College, Guwahati.


About the Translators:


The poems have been translated by Mr. Acharya and the prose by Meenaxi Barkotoki. Meenaxi Barkotoki is the daughter of Munin Barkotoki. A mathematician and anthropologist by training, she is an occasional writer and translator.


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Book Specification

ISBN : 978-93-82624-36-3
Pages : 184, PB
Year of pub. : 2013
Size: 1/8 demy