Tribes of Indo – Burma Border




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This book describes in lucid and simple language, the fascinating traditional practices and unique social systems of the major ethnic tribes of the Patkai range, particularly of the Tangsa, the Singpho, the Nocte and the Wancho — some of whom once-upon-a-time indulged in human sacrifice and, till recently, were head hunters. It begins with a historical prelude and goes on to give detailed accounts of the geography of the region and the cultural characteristics and social behaviour, political administration and impact of the Second World War on the communities living in the Patkai range. This edition is a revised and edited version of the first edition, with a rearrangement of the chapters. It also contains some supplementary articles and some additional maps. The photographs not only comprise those taken half a century ago by the author, but also some more recent ones of these communities. It is hoped that administrators, researchers, historians, educationists, social scientists and general readers from both within these communities and from elsewhere will find this book useful, informative
and enjoyable.


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Surendra Nath Barua (b. 1923) was a government officer who served in the Patkai range in the Indo-Burma border. While still a student, he joined the ‘Quit India Movement’ (1942) and suffered politically. After some eventful years, he joined as subordinate, the administration of the erstwhile North- East Frontier Agency (now Arunachal Pradesh) in 1948. Mr. Barua is the recipient of the Independence Day Award (1978) from the Lt. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for his meritorious services.


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