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For six decades now,Northeast India has been in the grip of insurgency and unrest. This has always provided a good recipe for youths in the region getting restive and having recourse to insurgency. The problem has reached a critical juncture now. While on one hand, peace is round the corner in states like Nagaland and parts of Assam, on the other hand, an entirely new dimension is being added to the insurgency with a Maoist rebellion brewing and taking shape.

This volume, Sustaining Peace in Northeast India: Changing Dimensions, is an attempt at looking into the changing discourses of peace and security in the area. The papers in the volume look at the security scenario, the idea of a moratorium on peace talks with new insurgent groups, the changing contours and dynamics of conflict in the Northeast, possibility of the Look East Policy integrating the region by bringing about connectivity in the neighbourhood, and development as a means towards building peace.


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The Editor Wasbir Hussain, a journalist and political commentator, is Director, Centre for Development and Peace Studies(, Guwahati, Assam, and a second-time Member of India’s National Security Advisory Board.

He has been covering insurgency, ethnic strife, and other major political and social developments in the northeastern states for the past 28 years for major newspapers and magazines. He bagged the 1996 Sanskriti Foundation National Award for excellence in journalism.


About the Researcher:

Rani Pathak Das is a Senior Research Associate with the Centre for Development and Peace Studies.


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Year of pub. : 2012
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