Rainforests of Assam



About Nature’s Beckon: 


Nature’s Beckon is a dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO) of Northeast India. Since its inception in the year 1982, the organization has been doing vital works in the field of conservation of wildlife, environmental education, scientific research and documentation, socio-economic development of the forest villagers and the forest fringe villages.

Besides, various awareness programmes are undertaken by the organization for the conservation of wildlife and rainforests. Nature’s Beckon is deeply involved in protecting the wildlife as well as their habitats in the sanctuaries and national parks of the Northeast India. Nature’s Beckon has been successful in involving the forest fringe village communities for the protection and conservation of the forests and wildlife of this region. Community Conservation Programmes of Nature’s Beckon have yielded commendable results in giving protection to the Golden Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Gaur, Rhino, Slow Loris, Elephant, Tiger, White Winged Wood Duck, Adjutant Stork, Hornbills and other threatened and endangered species and their habitats.

Due to the initiative taken by Nature’s Beckon in Community Vigilance the communities have taken effective part in protection of wildlife and restoration of habitats. Illegal trade on wildlife and poaching has also been curbed. Nature’s Beckon has the necessary expertise to impart environmental
education to environmental activists, educators, students, NGO members and forest field workers.

Nature’s Beckon has an excellent network with the grassroots NGOs, voluntary organizations, individuals, academicians and people’s movement’s workers in the field of environment. The organization got registered under the Societies Registration Act in the year 1991. For its dedicated work in the field of conservation and rural development in Assam, Nature’s Beckon has earned the trust of the people.


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Year of pub. : 2013