Literature and society in Assam



About the Book:

The book is a study of the Assamese Renaissance (1826-1926). It is an attempt to study the Assamese literature of nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the light of the intellectual movement known as the Indian Renaissance. It is also a partial study of the Assamese society of the nineteenth century in the light of the literary works. A seminal work on comparative literature.


About the Author:

Tilottoma Misra has authored a number of well-received books. Her book in Assamese entitled ‘Swarnalata’, was a best-seller. She taught English Literature as a Professor of Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam.


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ISBN : 978-93-81139-50-9
Pages : 286 (Paper Back)
Year of pub. : 2011 (Bhabani Edition)
Size: 1/8 demy