Inspiring Stories from Mahatma Gandhi



About the Book:

Everyone loves stories, anecdotes and episodes associated with great personages. They capture attention and enable the listeners to identify themselves with their message. By appealing to the emotions, stories can arouse curiosity in a person much more than a series of impersonal platitudes. Inspiring Stories from Mahatma Gandhi is such a collection of stories, incidents and anecdotes either linked directly to the life of Gandhi or to some close associates of Gandhi. They can engender love for him among the readers and can provide an in depth knowledge of the life and works of Gandhi through not so serious and yet captivating reading.
The book is an invitation to live some of the Gandhian principles in a dispassionate manner.


About the Author:

Dr. Joy Kachappilly ( is a Catholic Priest belonging to the Don Bosco Educational Society, Guwahati Region, Assam. A post-graduate in Philosophy and in Gandhian Thought, he was awarded the doctoral degree by the Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu in 2004 for the dissertation “Gandhian Concept of Truth: Epistemological and Ontological Basis for a Theology of Religions.” He is the author of Gandhi and Truth: An Approach to the Theology of Religions (2005) and Gandhi and Truth: A Journey with the Mahatma for an Authentic Living (2011). He has also edited books on culture entitled Cultural Practices of Africa (2007) and African Cultural Practices (2008).


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ISBN : 978-93-81139-77-6
Pages : 140; PB
Year of pub. : 2011
Size: 1/8 demy