Indian Ways of Silk




About the Book:

Natural silk have played a great role in India since more than 4,000 years to the benefit of users and producers. The book presents many aspects of silk: biology, research, production, trade, culture and history that includes the role of silk in India’s culture and history, India’s place in global silk network, use of diversity of silk moth species, work environment for silk production, from craft to modern production, diversification to other uses of silk, etc.


About the Authors:

Ole Zethner, M.Sc. (Forestry) and Ph.D. (Agric.) has a lifetime of experience as an international entomologist, agro-forester and an agricultural & forestry development adviser.

Rie Koustrup is a teacher who has taught primary school children and adults for more than 40 years. She has been the prime mover behind friendship school arrangements between her school in Denmark and schools in Burkina Faso and Kenya. Ole and Rie have travelled in a large number of silk-producing countries in Europe, Africa and in India.

Dilip Barooah is a Textile Technologist with more than 30 years’ industry experience in India and abroad. He is a founder-member of Fabric Plus Pvt. Ltd., a silk manufacturing (fibre-to-fabric) and exporting company.


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ISBN : 978-93-81139-79-0
Pages : 128 (Paper Back)
Year of pub. : 2012
Size: Crown