Gopinath Bardoloi, ‘The Assam Problem’ and Nehru’s Centre



About the Book:

The author has written this book with great sensitivity and skill. An extraordinary work of historical writing, this book by Nirode K. Barooah is an almost complete and most authentic political biography of Gopinath Bardoloi, Assam’s “man of destiny”. The book gives an exhaustive account of the politics of Assam during the freedom struggle and the first three years of the post-Independence era. The writer shows great passion and is remarkably candid while writing about the anatomy of the Assamese character in the context of Assam’s socio-political scene. Pick up this outstanding and gripping book … to know the persona called Gopinath Bardoloi.


About the Author:

Dr. Nirode K. Barooah (1935) is a historian by profession. A doctorate in Modern History from the University of London (1964) as well as from the University of Bonn (1977), Borooah has done extensive historical research in diverse fields and different periods and published many books and papers. Some of the areas of his research are: 1) the earliest British administrators in Assam and their administrative ideas; 2) the German- Indian relations between 1886-1945; and 3) the Gopinath Bardoloi period of Assam’s history.


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Book Specification

ISBN : 978-93-80390-53-6
Pages : 676; HB
Year of pub. : 2010