Assam & the 19th century




About the Book: 


This book was originally the PhD thesis of Dr. Nanda Talukdar who died in 1983 in a tragic road accident without facing the interview. The court of the Gauhati University took an unprecedented decision to award the PhD degree to Dr. Nanda Talukdar posthumously without the mandatory interview (viva) as a rare case, considering the importance and merit of the thesis. This
thesis has been slightly rearranged, resulting in this book titled Assam & the 19th century. Dr. Talukdar’s focus was Ananda Ram Dhekial Phukan, but he managed to dig out enough material of that forgotten era as a result, the dimension of the research had become wider.


About the Author:


Three decades after his death, Dr. Nanda Talukdar is still remembered as one of the best biographers Assam has ever produced. But his key contribution to Assamese literature and the society has been the resourceful library he has built on his own, an institution that has now turned into the Nanda Talukdar Foundation ( Professor of Assamese at Pandu College, he wrote more than a dozen books, edited several others, besides preserving some of the rarest books in Assamese language since the nineteenth century. Born in 1932, he died on February 26, 1983 in a tragic road accident.


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ISBN : 978-93-82624-08-0
Pages : 264; HB
Year of pub. : 2012
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