Abortions in the Land of Ahimsa



About the Book:

Abortions in the Land of Ahimsa is one of the most avidly researched books dealing with concerns raised about the rampant practice of abortion in contemporary India. Though uniquely bound to ahimsa by its culture and Constitution, India is a country that is witness to the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent children in the mothers’ womb. The book analyses the socio-cultural, legal, economic and religious issues associated with ‘legalised killing’ in the context of a Constitutional commitment to ahimsa and calls for re-thinking public policy. The call for the re-evaluation of policies is all the more pertinent as it is backed by one of the largest surveys done in the country among women who have experienced abortions. It is a must read for policy makers, politicians, social workers, persons in healthcare, and above all, for every woman, and everyone committed to non-violence.


About the Author:

Biju Michael is a professor of ethics and an internationally published author.  He is currently working in Israel. His publications include – Integrity: the Core of Leadership (Oklahoma, USA), Leadership Success – the Real Way (Hyderabad, India, & Colorado Springs, USA), Educating Leaders for Social Transformation (Munich, Germany), and Catholic Healthcare and Abortions in India (Bangalore & Hyderabad, India).


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ISBN : 978-81-924562-5-6
Pages : 424
Year of pub. : 2012
Size: 1/8 demy