History of the Frontier Areas Bordering on Assam




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Robert Reid’s A History of Frontier Areas Bordering on Assam is a fascinating piece of colonial writing. It is a window into the colonial mind with its notions of people and space that comprise Northeast India. Reid’s account amply demonstrates that for the colonial system a frontier was a set of sociospatial relations and not mere drawing and administration of international boundaries. The framework to understand these relations was founded on some anthropological and colonialist presumptions. Researchers can dispute these presumptions today. But the striking significance of the book in this regard lies in its candid admission of policies and actions, as well in the thought behind them vis-à-vis the practices on (colonial) frontier. On such frankness in discussing official policies on Northeast India, the post independence Indian state is possibly yet to equal. At the same time, Reid also shows that colonialism was not a monolith. There were debates and ambiguities within colonialism vis-a-vis the making and governance of the Northeast frontier. Reid’s work is a wealth of insight into these debates. These debates have significant contemporary relevance. They highlight the relation between thought and policy making with regard to frontier processes and provide a context to study social and political transition from colonial to post-colonial Northeast India. The book will be useful to researchers, administrators and policy makers interested in socio-political development of Northeast India and frontier studies in general.


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Sir Robert Neil Reid (1883-1964) served as Governor of colonial Assam from 1937 to 1942.


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