A History of Assam




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A History of Assam (1905), is considered as a pioneering work, a classic that draws attention of the researchers as well as general readers.


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Sir Edward Albert Gait (1863-1950) was an administrator in the Indian Civil Service who rose to serve as Lieutenant-Governor of the British Raj Province known as Bihar and Orissa. Gait graduated from University College, London. He sat for the Indian Civil Services examination in 1882 and subsequently after selection, arrived in India on December 11 of that year. He served as Assistant Commissioner in Assam, and then from 1890 as Provincial Superintendent for the 1891 census in that region. After various other roles in the administration, Gait was appointed as a Magistrate and a District Collector in November 1897.


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ISBN : 987-93-82624-47-9
Pages : 528, HB
Year of pub. : 2013