A Descriptive Account of Assam




About the Book:

This is a classic book not only on history but also on geography, sociology and anthropology as well. The book was written by William Robinson nearly 170 years back – a time when Assam had hardly passed 15 years under the rule of the English East India Company’s Government in Bengal. Assam was passing through a period of transition in all respects: social, political, economical and administrative under the new political dispensation. The book is a good repository of data and information on Assam in making then. The editor does not add anything to the original text of the author, and has simply supplied additional information in the end notes against each chapter so that it makes for a good read.

Author: William Robinson
Edited by : Dr. Ramesh Chandra Kalita

About the Editor:

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Kalita is a noted social thinker who has written extensively on various socio-political issues of Assam. He retired as Professor of History, Tezpur College, in Assam.

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Book Specification

ISBN : 978-93-81139-34-9
Pages : 500 (Hard Back)
Year of pub. : 1841
Size: 1/8 demy